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  • 3Jul

    The Right to Bear Stun Guns (and arms)

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    In 2016, in Caetano v. Massachusetts, the United States Supreme Court – in a unanimous (per curium) decision – struck down a decision of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts that upheld a woman’s conviction...
  • 11Feb


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    You need not have personal experience with police interrogation in order to be familiar with a common tactic employed by the police. An episode or two of a reality-television “cop” show should suffice. Often, the...


  • I met Kevin while he was on the case of a friend of mine. He came highly recommended, and I have seen the outcome of his work with other local clients. Everyone had a positive experience and seems to be highly satisfied with the services provided. I found myself in a predicament and was in need of someone whom I felt comfortable with and more importantly someone I felt I could trust. With the help of Kevin Quinlan my affairs were addressed and we were able to work out the...
  • I flew in from down South to address an old warrant from over 10 years ago that I had completely forgot about.  Attorney Quinlan arranged it so that everyone at the courthouse knew when I was coming and had located my old file.  He had already discussed my case with the district attorney ahead of time, and he had me in and out of the building in under an hour.
  • After my father hired him from out-of-state, Attorney Quinlan visited me twice while I was sitting at the Worcester County House of Correction for several weeks. Most of my fellow inmates never even saw their lawyer until court. Quinlan has a reputation. He’s known to care. He’s known to work hard on your case. Just ask around at the jail, if you ever get there! –CR
  • You handled my divorce quickly and painlessly. I didn’t know it could go that smoothly. I now have 50% parenting time with my children, and my ex-wife has 50%. Thanks for all your hard work and effort. -Joe