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My great-grandfather Patrick Joseph Malloy, born in 1867, emigrated to Boston from Oughterard, County Galway, Ireland and became a US citizen in 1887.  He worked for the Boston Elevated Railway and was involved in the early union movement. My great grandmother Mary raised their 5 children.

My grandfather Matthew Malloy, PJ’s eldest son, became President of Chamberlayne Junior College in 1947.  Later, the college merged with Mt. Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, eventually being subsumed into UMass Amhurst in Newton.  One of the buildings on campus is named Malloy Hall after my grandfather.

My Grandmother, born in 1903, attended college and was a high school teacher.  Later, she taught college-level courses at Chamberlayne.

My father graduated from Dartmouth College and then earned a master’s in philosophy at Boston College.  After getting his master’s, he taught at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Later, he became a professional musician who wrote and performed Christian music.  His music career took us out West in 1978.  In fact, a recording he produced in 1982 was nominated for a Grammy.  He and my mother walked the red carpet! 

My mother Nancy received a BSN from UMass, and worked in hospitals on both coasts, including at the VA.  More recently, she received an MBA from Framingham State University and worked as President and CEO/CFO of a non-profit that gives grants to individuals and organizations in support of education.

I spent my early childhood in Phoenix, Arizona, until the whole family eventually packed up and moved back East.  I graduated from Newton North High School in 1991.

When I ran of money to continue with my undergraduate studies, I enlisted in the U.S. Army as an Avenger Crewmember.  An Avenger is basically a Humvee with a Stinger anti-aircraft missile turret attached to it.  During my time in the military, I spent a year in the Republic of Korea, and finished State-side with the 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, New York.

After my term of enlistment ended, I returned to college with the help of the G.I. Bill and Army College Fund, ultimately graduating in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems.  My undergraduate studies included accounting, statistics, calculus, finance, and some basic computer programming and networking classes.

In 2002, while working full-time as a service writer at a relative’s automotive garage and trying to decide what to do with my new undergraduate degree, I decided to take the Law School Aptitude Test, as I had been intrigued by the practice of law since I was a child.  Several weeks later, I was offered a full scholarship to New England Law Boston, which I accepted.  I graduated law school cum laude in 2005.

After graduating with honors from New England Law Boston in 2005, I began my practice at the firm Lane and Hamer, P.C., in Northbridge, Massachusetts, which was one of the firms at which I interned during law school.  My focus at Lane and Hamer was primarily land use law, such as variances and special permits, boundary disputes, and construction issues.  My time was generally spent drafting legal memoranda and appellate briefs, although I did take several cases to trial during this period.

Since opening my own solo firm, I have focused on criminal defense, family law, and personal injury law.  I have resolved hundreds if not thousands of cases without the need for a trial, and I have taken a great many cases to trial.  I have handled multi-day civil and criminal jury trials, argued before the Appeals Court and Land Court in Boston, and argued countless minor motor vehicle violations and petty criminal matters before the Clerks-Magistrate of the Commonwealth in ticket appeal hearings and show cause hearings.

In my free time, I enjoy trail running, sailing in Narragansett Bay, and spending time at home.

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Attorney Quinlan has represented clients in the District Court, Superior Court, Land Court, Housing Court, Probate and Family Court, and Massachusetts Appeals Court, along with several municipal boards, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  He has handled hundreds of cases, including both civil and criminal trials.

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