Attorney Kevin D. Quinlan was born in Boston in 1973.
He is a 1991 graduate of Newton North High School, in
Newton, Massachusetts.  Kevin served honorably in the
United States Army, both within the U.S., and in the
Republic of Korea, before graduating from the University
of Massachusetts with a business degree.

He then went on to attend New England School of Law
in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was selected for
the prestigious Law Review, eventually graduating
cum laude in 2005.  While in law school, Kevin served
on the school’s Finance Committee, clerked for several attorneys, and interned for then Superior Court Justice Botsford (later of the Supreme Judicial Court).

In 2004, Attorney Quinlan was appointed by the Selectmen
to become a member of the Northbridge Zoning Board of Appeals, and in 2008 he was elected by the voters to
serve on the Northbridge Housing Committee.  He has served on the Board of Directors of Dog Orphans, Inc., a Douglas, Massachusetts humane society nonprofit no-kill shelter that helps to find homes for dogs.  In 2015, he was reappointed to serve on the Northbridge Zoning Board of Appeals, a position he held until relocating to another municipality.

Kevin has represented clients in the District Court, Superior Court, Land Court, Housing Court,
Probate and Family Court, and Massachusetts Appeals Court, along with several municipal boards,
and the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  He has handled hundreds of cases, including both civil and
criminal trials.  For a review of some of his recent criminal trials, please see the case summaries on
this website.

Attorney Quinlan has also served as a Probate and Family Court conciliator, assisting lawyers and litigants in resolving their cases in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.