Traffic Ticket Appeals

When you sign the back of your ticket and request a hearing, you will be heard by a Clerk-Magistrate. The issue at the hearing is whether or not you should be found responsible, rather than guilty or not guilty. These hearings are informal, the police officer who pulled you over need not be the officer who is present at your hearing, and the rules of evidence are relaxed.

Although legal arguments can and do prevail in these hearings when appropriate, it is often the better course to present evidence that the client is otherwise an upstanding individual with an otherwise clean (or recently clean) driving record, and then ask for a “second chance,” and for the Magistrate to either find you not responsible, or to place the matter on file for a period of time to allow the driver to demonstrate a period of issue-free driving, after which the matter would be closed.

If you cannot get the relief you desire at the Magistrate’s Hearing, then you can appeal to a judge. At this type of hearing, the case is more about whether or not the evidence demonstrates that you are responsible, since the judge will know that you already asked for leniency and Magistrate did not find that you were an appropriate candidate for lenient treatment.

One example of why representation is helpful in traffic ticket appeals involves a citation for speeding. Many people are not aware that it is not enough for the police to prove that you drove over the posted speed limit. The issue is whether your speed was reasonable, given all of the factors at play, such as road conditions, visibility, amount of traffic, the condition of your vehicle, et cetera. Driving over the posted speed limit is merely one factor that the factfinder considers in determining if you were “speeding.”

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